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Classic masterpieces from the most diverse stylistic trends are not only copied by EUROPIM, but also newly interpreted and varied with a creativity that is true to the style. Because for EUROPIM, the classic is not a stiff object, but rather a living work of art which is designed and produced by genuine experts in their fıeld. It’s no wonder, then, that a good many of EUROPIM’s creations even surpass their classic model in form and workmanship.

The EUROPIM models also receive their unmistakable character through the use of mosaics, friezes, and ornaments from different periods that have been passed down through history but also from simply living in the countryside.

The work is done from the careful selection of materials through the constant quality checks all the way to the strict final inspection.

Only consistently proven quality leaves our doors. And for that reason, every piece from EUROPIM is truly an infinitely precious production.